Laboratory services

Corrosion testing

  • Specially-developed tests
  • ASTM and NACE standards (ASTM A262, G1, G31)
  • Constant temperature baths up to 350°F
  • Short and long term tests (e.g. 1 day or 6 months)
  • ASTM or custom coupon design (ASTM G30, G58)
  • Testing with chemicals with vapor pressures greater than 1 atm at test temperature
  • Raw data recording
  • Determination of corrosion rates
  • Photographic documentation
  • Post-test visual, SEM/EDS, and metallographic examination
  • Design and build custom corrosion test systems for field evaluation
  • Testing of toxic chemicals
  • Testing at pressures and temperatures up to 400 psi and 300°F
Corrosion testing
Corrosion testing
U-Bend corrosion coupons
U-Bend corrosion coupons