Our work

Parts for vehicles and implements

Engel Metallurgical tests ductile iron castings used in vehicles and equipment for major automotive, agricultural, and heavy construction equipment manufacturers. Engel Metallurgical provides daily production testing of keel blocks, steering knuckles, control arms, axle housings and hubs that includes:

  • Metallography - ductile iron ratings
  • Tensile testing - tensile strength, yield strength and percent elongation
  • Brinell hardness testing
  • Product development, PPAP, and production testing

Circuit boards

Engel Metallurgical tests circuit boards for complex electro-mechanical medical, diagnostic, analytical and life-science devices. Testing includes:

  • Evaluation and material analysis
  • Hardness testing
  • Dimensional inspections
  • Metallography
  • Copper plating thickness, copper conductor thickness
  • Checks for nodules, roughness, burrs, plating, voids, contamination, inclusions, cracks, and wicking
  • Solder coating thickness

Medical wires

Stainless steel raw stock

Flex circuit
Flex circuit